Guiding you to fill up your cup and live the life YOU crave.

Are you…

  • Looking for guidance in making a change, reaching a dream, achieving more balance or overcoming obstacles – professionally and/or personally?
  • Craving a work or career transition?
  • Wanting to reconnect to what’s most important to you?
  • Support in making a career change or nailing that next interview?
  • Needing to hone-in on your leadership impact at work?

I provide…

  • 1:1 personalized coaching to help you get your desired results.
  • Customized career coaching package which includes a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, coaching sessions, networking/job search strategies session, resume and cover letter editing and interviewing skills coaching. The MBTI tool helps individuals identify their preferences and make decisions that are more aligned with these preferences.
  • Interview coaching providing you with solid tools and tips to help you build confidence and increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Package Costs:

  • Customized Packages: Everyone’s needs are unique and my rates are customized. Please contact me and let’s set up a personalized package that works for you.
  • Career Connector: $899 plus GST includes MBTI assessment, 2 x 45-min coaching sessions, 1 x 30 minute job search session, resume and cover letter editing (original documents provided by client) and 1 x 45-min interviewing coaching session.
  • Interview Refresher: $125 plus GST 1 x 45-min session laser focused on helping you nail that interview.


What clients are saying

“It had been a while since I was in a formal interview and I needed a refresher on interview skills for a job I’d applied for. Cindy coached me to understand how questions might be presented, what the interviewers would be looking for and how to answer questions in a way that was clear and genuine. Through a few coaching sessions she helped me build my confidence and get really focused. Cindy was a big part in ensuring I presented myself in a way that was prepared and professional. I had a series of interviews and got the job!” ~ Brad

“Cindy did an excellent job catering our coaching sessions to my needs and goals.  She helped me better understand what I love about my work, and where my challenges are.  I have come out of our sessions more aware and grounded in what I value, as well has having a very professional looking resume, an excellent cover letter template, and an action plan on how to explore and pursue the next phase in my career.” ~ Name withheld to protect this job seeker’s privacy

“Initially I was skeptical about how career coaching could assist me but as soon as I started talking to Cindy, I immediately felt at ease. Cindy is very kind, attentive and insightful. Cindy asked integral questions and made astute observations about me and my self-imposed barriers. Cindy quickly recognized my passions and her supportive, unbiased approach helped me to move forward.” ~ Laura