Lawn Chairs. Lager. Love.

Lawn chairs, lager and love. My husband and I are walking on the beach in Tofino. With a weather forecast that predicts solid pounding rain for a week, we’ve donned our slickers and headed out to witness the fierce stormy beauty of the west coast. As we head back to our place, the rain subsides, the clouds break and the sun starts to peak around the corner. In this rare moment of reprieve, I say to my husband “Let’s grab our chairs, a few beverages and come back out to soak up these few rays”, to which he replies “Lawn chairs, lager and love, what more could one want.”

Huh. What more could one want? I repeated his words to myself and the simplicity and perfection of what they meant. I’ve been guilty of over-thinking, over-planning and over-analyzing, and over-complicating things. Often I get overwhelmed by all of this until I get some real perspective, get grounded and remember – it’s actually simple.

Simple for me is a tuning out the distractions, the noise – like a clearing away of the overgrowth and seeing the path emerge in front of you. When I feel that sense of overwhelm or confusion, I ask myself three simple, yet powerful questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What’s getting in my way?
  • What one step can I take right now?

When I decided to make my side hustle of coaching and consulting a full-time gig, I asked myself these exact questions. It helped me to get to the heart of the work I want to be doing and the big job of tackling my fears and obstacles that, in the past, would stop me dead in my tracks. Instead of allowing my fears to knock me off course, I kept asking myself, what is the one (often small) simple step I can take right now to address this fear? Then I would take that step and ask the question again. Rinse and repeat. Lo and behold I was clearing the way – the more I tackled, the clearer and frankly easier the path became

So here I am today, launching my full-time coaching and consulting business. I’d be lying if I did not say I’m a tad bit nervous. And I’m excited and hopeful. And it’s simple, I want to help people in their journey.

Lawn chairs. Lager. Love.